Led Out

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VS PLASTERBOARD Led Out is ideal curved ceiling edges. Perfect for Led strip lighting.

  • Great Value
  • Easily cut to the required dimension
  • Profile length 2-2.4 meters
  • No corner beadings

Material: 12.5mm Standard Plasterboard

Minimum Quantity: 15 Profiles

Sheet Measurements: (1200mm)x(200mm-2400mm)

Type: Standard Plasterboard

Brand:British Gypsum, Knauf – We work with all major plasterboard brands.

The led profiles pacers are used to contain the spread of indirect light coming out of the walls by a small cutting width.

A minimum beam of light that illuminates the passage, much used in public environments where high intensity light is not needed.

If required, it is also possible to change the kind of material, measurements, whatever is the need, with slabs of type waterproof, fireproof, soundproof.

Note: All dimensions to be in MILLIMETRES