Sharp Edge

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VS PLASTERBOARD Sharp Edge is ideal curved ceiling edges. Perfect for Led strip lighting.

  • Great Value
  • Easily cut to the required dimension
  • Profile length 2-2.4 meters
  • No corner beadings

Material: 12.5mm Standard Plasterboard

Minimum Quantity:  15 Profiles

Sheet Measurements: (1200mm)x(200mm-2400mm)

Type: Standard Plasterboard

Brand:British Gypsum, Knauf – We work with all major plasterboard brands.

Strong steel rod 4mm

This steel rod can add to any VS Plasterboard Profile. Only Angle version 90 °

Top is used simply to create beams on the ceilings, very used to realize coffered ceilings obtained from a set of panels which, if further decorated inside them, make the ceiling of unique elegance. They can also be used to contain pipes or whatever.

If required, it is also possible to change the kind of material, measurements, whatever is the need, with slabs of type waterproof, fireproof, sound proof.

Note: All dimensions to be in MILLIMETRES